The McNair Creek Hydro Facility is a 9.8MW run-of-river hydroelectric generation facility that is located approximately 40 km North of Vancouver on the Sunshine Coast, near the Town of Gibsons. The facility is a typical high head run-of-river hydroelectric project, diverting a portion of the creek flows with a small weir through an intake into a low-pressure penstock, a high-pressure penstock, a powerhouse and finally a tailrace that returns water flows to McNair Creek. The facility provides power for approximately 4,000 homes on average, and during peak water flows it can provide enough energy for up to 10,000 homes.

Location: McNair Creek, 40 km North of Vancouver
Resource: Water
Technologies: Single pelton
Nameplate Capacity: 9.8 MW
First Online: 2004
Power Sales: Power purchase agreement with BC Hydro

BluEarth acquired the plant in December, 2015.