BluEarth believes in and values deep relationships with the communities we operate in. We’re serious about being a responsible power developer, building on our team’s reputation for working with stakeholders and First Nations, seeking understanding of issues, and following through on our commitments.

Community Engagement

BluEarth is committed to consulting with and involving stakeholders in the decision-making process for proposed and existing facilities. We believe that trust is the foundation for long-term successful relationships, and we know that trust is only earned over time, by working together with honest and transparent communications.

Our Principles

  • To provide timely, open, honest communication with our neighbours and other stakeholders around existing or proposed facilities
  • To encourage stakeholder participation in the decision-making process and facilitate that participation
  • To be solutions-focused by listening to stakeholder priorities and concerns and respecting diverse opinions
  • To engage with the community throughout the entire project cycle, including project development, regulatory review, construction and operations

Indigenous Peoples Relations

BluEarth believes deeply in developing renewable energy projects in partnership with First Nations in a manner that balances social value, environmental protection, and the principles of shared revenue. We respect Aboriginal Title, Treaty and Constitutional Rights, as well as the rights of Indigenous Peoples to self-governance. BluEarth has great respect for the traditions, knowledge, and involvement of Aboriginal communities.

Read our Indigenous Peoples Policy and how we have implemented these practices on the Bow Lake Wind Project.

Learn more about BluEarth’s partnership with Batchewana First Nation.